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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Miss Erin: Character Meme

Miss Erin created her own Character Meme...quite creative I might add. Well, Miss Erin tagged me, and all of a sudden, I'm the one feeling not so creative as I sift through different characters and try to figure out who I really want to have as a friend, sibling, or adventurous sidekick....

Character you'd most like to have over for tea?
Jo March from Little Women, although I don't think she'd stand for the formality. Maybe big cups of strong coffee would do the trick. I'd also have blancmage pudding...it sounded so appetizing in the book. I just think Jo is the cat's meow. I remember reading Little Women quite a few times as a child, and just thinking how I wanted to be a writer like Jo. She's unconventional, independent, strong, loyal to her family, and very determined to pursue her dream.

Character you'd most like to have as a sibling?
I'd like Shug from Shug as my little sister. I am the Queen of Overprotective Big Sisters. My little sister and brother thought enough of my overprotectiveness to nickname me SMother. I figure Shug would get some well deserved attention from me. I'd also like Ed Kennedy from I Am The Messenger as my big brother. When I was little, I wished for a big brother who could watch out for me. Even though Ed Kennedy, at times is a misguided soul, he is ever so sweet and protective of his people.

Character you'd most like to be friends with?
Eugenides from The Thief, Penny from Penny from Heaven, Catherine from Rules, Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief, Jack from Shug, Miri from Princess Academy. These characters are all loyal and stand up for their friends. That is so cool.

Character you'd most like to have as a cousin?
This one was a tough one for some reason because I really don't know my cousins very well. So pretty much any cool character would do. However, since I just read Penny from Heaven, and loved the interaction of Penny and her cousin Frankie, I'd have to say I'd like Frankie as a cousin. He'd give me plenty to talk about to set him straight, as well as all the unpredictable adventures and laughs.

Character you'd most like to have an adventure with?
Ella of Frell from Ella Enchanted had great adventures and figured out a way to survive through it all. Anyone who can sweet talk ogres, befriend giants, charm a prince, and is creative in turning the bad into good, well, that's who I'd want on my adventures.

Favorite quirky character?
Ruby Lu from Ruby Lu Brave and True. Ruby Lu is such a loveable character. She makes quirky oh so interesting and fun.

Favorite love-to-hate character?
Hattie, Ella of Frell's wicked stepsister from Ella Enchanted, makes Ella's life absolutely miserable when she discovers Ella's secret curse. Hattie is insecure and has a self-absorbed mother. It's no wonder she resorts to mean acts to make herself feel better.

Favorite bad guy:
Count Olaf from The Series of Unfortunate Events, The Witch from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Queen Ivi from Fairest were my original answers. Count Olaf is just plain despicable. Queen Ivi is too concerned about her outward beauty and neglects her inner soul. The Witch is too scary. The more I thought about this, Hattie from Ella Enchanted and Trudy from The Princess Test are probably my favorite bad gals. I love fairy tales, and these gals entertain me with their mean ways.

Miss Erin also tagged Little Willow. While you're visiting Little Willow, check out her list of Sassy Sidekicks of Children's Literature. You know there will be lots of great reads on this list.

Consider yourself tagged.


Little Willow said...

Thanks! :)

Shug rules.
Liesel rules.
Penny is cool. I'd love to portray either Penny (FROM HEAVEN or from THE CREEK, both by Holm) in a movie. Aah.

Erin said...

I *almost* put Miri under the "friend" category, too. :) She's a very cool girl.

Thanks for your answers!

HipWriterMama said...

You have a great list going yourself. Thanks for creating this meme. I really enjoyed thinking back on what I read.

Little Willow,
Maybe the MTV or Disney Channel websites will have news of upcoming projects...Put your agent to work! That would be very cool.

Emily said...

You could have some amazing adventures with Ella of Frell and Miri as friends! What fun!
PS-Thanks for linking to my blog!
(Oh dear. I got a little exclamation-mark happy.)

HipWriterMama said...

You're welcome! I really like your blog.