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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Act of Decluttering for Writing's Sake

I just found Robin Brande's post on her Great Decluttering Experiment. So brave. So daring. Why did I have to find this now? I've been meaning to work on the clutter for awhile. I really have. But life takes over and paperwork gets put aside. Before I can say Abracadabra, the kids' artwork and school stuff is mixed with my husband's office work and my writing piles. And this is just my dining room. Not the best way to coexist in this crazy household of five. Certainly not the best environment for creative thinking.

Okay, well Robin threw out the challenge and I have to take up the gauntlet. For the sake of my family. See what a great sport I am? See what a great Valentine's Day gift I'm giving to the ones I love?

Truly, the greatest beneficiary of this kind, unselfish act, inspired on this hopeful Day of Love, will be me. Yes, it's all about me. This clutter won't be in my face, taunting me at every turn, "Soon I'll be so powerful, I'll take over your entire life. You won't be able to think. Nothing can destroy me!" So here's to my new project: Clutter Organization Now, otherwise known as CON. When this distasteful project is complete, I will have more time for positive, creative energy. I'll have more space to spread out and write. And there will be peace in my house so I can focus more on writing. No more sudden panicked interruptions of, "I can't find this. I need it now!" No more pathetic excuses. Too hopeful? Perhaps, but a girl's gotta have big dreams.

All I need is time and an organized place to put everything. The first order of business is finding a great file cabinet for all the paperwork. You know, one that looks like a nice piece of furniture that I can stick in the corner so I have everything at my fingertips...


Callipygia said...

CON sounds like a beautiful Valentines gift to everyone. I think that you'll be able to do it, but I agree you need a good system. And I know you're going to feel great. I'm all about de-clutter. Happy Valentines Day by the way- we're getting piled on with snow! Love you-

Liz said...

OK. I'm inspired. Buried under piles, but inspired. You go, and keep us posted.

Robin Brande said...

HWM, I don't know if I should confess this, but I'm only telling you because it's good news for you, even though it's bad for me.

Ever since I started the Great Decluttering Experiment, my own office has barely shown any progress (I keep expecting it to be cured overnight, but it still looks like it does), whereas everyone else who's been inspired to do it has been decluttering up a storm--offices, laundry rooms, closets, etc.

So obviously I am meant to inspire, though not necessarily lead on this one.

I'd say things are looking good for you.

Vivian said...

Inspiration comes in all forms...perhaps you can inspire someone to declutter for you? I'm bribing the kids. Shameless I know. But it's my only hope of being able to get to their closet.

I think I will have to do a weekly report on CON. Just to con myself into thinking I'm making some progress...

Yes, you're great at decluttering. Unfortunately, that gene seems to have missed me. I'll let you know how things go. Although 1 day into this, the dining room table is still clear! Not the floor though, I have stacks of folders and paper I'm still working through.