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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Miss USA = Not Fired???

I am outraged. It appears that Miss USA will NOT be fired from her remaining reign for her underage drinking, drug and party binges. Overall, I could care less about what is happening in the beauty pageant world and what Miss USA does in her spare time; however as a mom of young girls, I have to say, it is hardly a vote of confidence for the public role models out there. Rather it is an indication that things still haven't changed, that beauty is exalted above all else. No matter what. In an age where girls are constantly getting visual feedback on the importance of appearance in the media, what message does this send?

There was a glimmer of hope when the fashion industry made waves about ultra thin models just a few months ago. Girls hopefully saw that beauty does not necessarily mean starving yourself to death. But now, with Miss USA given a second chance--which will incidentally catapult Miss USA's "shame" into fame--girls will get the message that it's okay to be bad as long as they are beautiful. Not only is it okay to misbehave, but by the way, you'll get rewarded too.

I'm surprised that the sports industry hasn't taken offense to this. In a business where titles and medals are taken away, honor at the physical cabilities, spirit and human endurance is of paramount importance. Where is thy honor, Miss USA?

I am by no means a total feminist. I believe in having doors held open for me and being treated like a woman. I enjoy dressing up and knowing that men find me attractive. I'm not naive enough to think that everyone is treated equally, regardless of what they look like. Because it's a pathetic fact, beautiful people are treated better.

Sure we all make mistakes. Most of us learn from them and end up paying a price for them. I have no doubt that Miss USA is a good person. Maybe she's just a bit immature, reckless with her newfound fame and joy in the opportunities created from the adulation of her beauty. I'm sure she's sorry for the mistakes she made and for the mess she created. But what great publicity. People sure know who she is now. However, I don't think it should excuse Miss USA's behavior. She entered a freakin' competitive beauty contest that is supposed to exemplify good will, scholarship and who knows what else. The winner is supposed to be a public role model for 1 year and in return, will find doors open to her in millions of ways. This is a dream for many contestants and a chance to make it as the "IT" girl. Okay, a sarcastic view, but you tell me what you think. Many former Miss USA's hook up with famous and wealthy men, find jobs as actresses or models, and start out enjoying some great dream we can all envision. And it all starts with beauty and agreeing to be a public role model. A simplified view, I know. Sure they work hard for it. But as a public role model, the holder of the Miss USA title is held to a higher standard and should be held accountable for her actions. There are girls are out there just watching, imitating and waiting for the chance to be just like her. There are so many extraordinary women out there. For once, I'd like to see a great public role model who young girls can truly look up to. I'm waiting.


Madhatter said...

Normally I try to tune out this kind of "gossipy" news. I can understand this young woman exploring her new found fame, she is young afterall. But I think that she should be accountable for her actions, especially because she was aware of the role model aspect to it. I feel sad for what young girls have to look to...

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back again.

I agree, this gossip really shouldn't be on the top of my list of things to talk about; however, as a mom of young kids, it bears some noticing. I cannot accept that this is an example of what my kids have to look up to in the public arena. That's why I had to let my voice be heard.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!